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New Tour!

Many of our returning guests have been asking for a new tour as it is always fun to explore new areas. Although every tour is unique in its own way even though you have been on the same trail before. And here it is: The Northern Highlands Trail

It is a 5-day highland tour and a bit more luxurious than the other highland tours. The first and the last night we stay at our guesthouse and the other two nights in the newly built mountain hut Öndvegi which has double rooms and showers. But you still need to bring your own sleeping bag! On the first day we head to Haukagil from where we go up to the highlands on the second day. It's the same path the young horses go up in July to spent the summer in the highlands. The new hut Öndvegi is our base for the next two nights. From there we can explore the northern highlands. A very remote area. After two nights in this fascinating area we will go down to Forsæludalur. On the last day we can enjoy a nice tölt along the river Vatnsdalsá, heading home. We are excited to see how this new round will go and how you'll like it. There are three departures planned for summer 2023. Are you ready for this new adventure?


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