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Duration: 4 riding days - 4 nights


Dates 2024: September 5th - 9th


Difficulty: Advanced riders

We are proud to present a sheep round up tour in the North West of Iceland.

We will meet sheep farmers on their way back to civilization after many days in the saddle, herd a big flock of sheep.

It is for sure a unique sight to witness 14 thousand sheep on their way back home after spending the summer up in the highland followed by over 30 shepherds with 100 horses! You can feel the joy and the excitement as this is their last day

and everyone is on their way back home. You can for sure help them out and take part in the singing and the happiness.

When you participate in the Round Ups you are experiencing the Real Thing! You will be one of the group to herd

and sort the animals. Of course that means long hours outside in sometimes cold weather.

Iceland in autumn has many colors and types of weather. Anticipate to be in golden sunshine one moment and to ride in rain

and even sleet during the next.

We therefore recommend to dress well during these tours, to bring long woolen underwear and lots of woolen socks and gloves.

It is also good to bring some „quick energy supplier“ like chocolate. A warm rider is a happy rider!

A detailed tour description can be found here: Auðkúlurétt

For more information please contact us.

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