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Duration: 4 riding days - 4 nights


Dates 2024: September 12th - 16th


Difficulty: Advanced riders

Imagine hundreds of free and spirited horses cantering down from their highland summer pastures to be reclaimed

by their owners. Mares and their foals, young horses and geldings traverse the rough terrain,

not yet quite willing to surrender their freedom before the onset of winter.

The ancient tradition of rounding up horses is only kept alive in the North of Iceland.

From the Vatnsdalur area, we ride through beautiful valleys and mountains to Laxárdalur valley.

Here we team up with the Icelanders and help round up the horses

and drive them down from the mountains to Skrapatungurétt communal corral.

When this task is complete the locals celebrate with a special round-up dance or “réttardansleikur”.

We are of course more than welcome to join in the fun. The round-up continues the next day

when the horses get sorted at the corral and we help in returning some of them to their home meadows.

When you participate in the Round-Ups you are experiencing the Real Thing! You will be one of the group to herd

and sort the animals. Of course, that means long hours outside in the sometimes cold weather.

Iceland in autumn has many colors and types of weather. Anticipate to be in golden sunshine one moment

and to ride in the rain and even sleet during the next.
We, therefore, recommend to dress well during these tours, to bring long woolen underwear and lots of woolen socks

and gloves. It is also good to bring some „quick energy supplier“ like chocolate. A warm rider is a happy rider!

A detailed tour description can be found here: Skrapatungurétt

For more detailed info please contact us.

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