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Tour season 2020 has finally started

This year's tour season has finally started at the end of June! A bit later than usual but we are happy to welcome our guests now. On the 15th of June Iceland opened its borders to European travellers. Upon arrival everyone was tested on Covid and was free to travel on with a negative test result the next day. We started the tour season with a small group from Switzerland doing the Trail of Hope. Day by day more people joined, from Iceland and Germany.

After one more week of preparation, shoeing & getting the horses in shape, we already headed out for our longest tour of the season. The King's Trail through the Northwestern highlands, all the way down south to Þingvellir over Arnarvatnsheiði and along the old Okvegur. We were really lucky with the weather on the way down south. No single day of rain! What else can you ask for? We had 117 strong horses with us. What a big herd!

On the way back a big group from the Faroer Islands - a men's choir - joined us. They haven't been that lucky with the weather. But it could not discourage them from singing a lot along the way and enjoy themselves and the horses. It wasn't their first tour with us and we are happy to have had them with us again!

We are looking forward to our other tours this summer! For those who can not make it this year due to the circumstances, we already published our tour dates for next year so you can easily reschedule your trip. Stay healthy!

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