The stallions we used, summer 2017!

September 21, 2017

This year we used 3 stallions for our mares, Akur frá Kagaðarhóli, Hagaljómi frá Nýjabæ and Bjartur frá Gásum!

 Akur is a stunning Palomino with a super high evaluation of 8,90 for talents and 8,24 for conformation, TOTAL of 8,63 !!!


Mares that went to Akur were Kátína, Silja and Fjóla. 


 Kátína frá Áslandi                                                         Silja frá Röðli                                                                 Fjóla frá Hvammi 2

   IS2000255650                                                               IS2000256441                                                                IS2008256070

      BLUP of 97                                                                     BLUP of 94                                                                      BLUP of 99

F: Oddur frá Selfossi.                                                    F: Skári frá Miðsitju.                                                      F: Bróðir frá Auðsholtshjáleigu

3 of her offsprings have competition record!            2 of her offsprings have competition record and       Fjóla has only had 1 foal so far but he is

One is Kiljan frá Hvammi 2, has 7,95 in total             with good result!                                                            showing alot of tölt and is well made.

and 8,11 for conformation.                                          And 1 mare Snerpa frá Hvammi 2 has 7,54 in            She seems to be a great addition to our 

Kátína gives foals with nice leg action so we            total! Promising.                                                             breeding mares! 

are very excited for this foal !                                      All of Siljas foals have good leg action, 5 gaited        Fjóla herself has 8.05 for conformation so we

hopefully a palomino ;)                                                 and friendly caracters!                                                  are extremely excited !!    


Hagaljómi is trained but not evaluated, he has 104 for blup and is after the superstar Skjanni frá Nýjabæ who is a splash pinto with 8.08 in total !

 Hagaljómi gives alot of splash in his offsprings and himself is a buckskin pinto with splash. Alot of tölt and colorful foals is the first thing you see in    his offsprings, we already had 2 of his offsprings in the spring and we liked them alot so we decited to bring 3 mares this time! Interesting.


We brought Filma, Venus and Freydís.


 Filma frá Áslandi                                                         Venus frá Hvammi 2                                                     Freydís frá Hvammi 2
   IS1999255650                                                               IS2010256079                                                               IS2003256074

       BLUP of 94                                                                   BLUP of 110                                                                   BLUP of 86

F: Óslogi frá Efri-Rauðalæk                                         F: Dofri frá Steinnesi                                                     F: Árvakur frá Röðli 

We have a few offsprings after her, all great            This is a mare who was a promising in the                All of Freydís offsprings are special caracters, 

horses, riding and competition.                                   beginning but got her eye injured as a young            sweet and friendly!

Filma has shown she is a great breeding                  horse so she was never fully trained due to              Most of them are a big favorites and even 1 

mare and everytime her foals amaze us!                  her being very sensitive because of her eye.              mare has 8.05 for conformation.

Could be a interesting color from her and                 So we use her for breeding now.                                 



Bjartur is a young and very promising stallion we own after Dagfari frá Sauðárkróki who has 8,34 in total and 10 for mane and tail!! His mom has 7,72 in total without pace. 8 for tölt and 8,5 for trot!

Bjartur is friendly and sweet and shows alot of high leg action. He is ridden a little but very little since he is only 4 years old.

He will be inside for the winter for further training.


We had 3 mares with him Brák, Þoka and Drífa.


 Brák frá Hjarðarhaga                                                   Þoka frá Hvammi 2                                                           Drífa frá Hvammi 2

    IS1997258651                                                               IS2011256070                                                                    IS2011256074       

      BLUP of 93                                                                      BLUP of 97                                                                          BLUP of 99

F: Kveikur frá Miðsitju                                                   F: Pabbastrákur frá Hoftúni                                             F: Pabbastrákur frá Hoftúni

Brák always gives us great 5gaiters, she has            Þoka shows very good trot and good strides and         Drífa is such a sweet mare with great

had quite many foals but is still going strong!           has shown since she was a foal.                                     caracter, her first foal showed also this 

Hopefully a palomino 5gaiter next spring !! ;)            She gave us a foal from Lukku-Láki this summer        special caracter in the spring! Because she

                                                                                         and he looks amazing! Very promising.                         is so friendly she is a perfect breeding mare







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