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May 2020
rúbín 9
rúbín 8
rúbín 6
rúbín 7
rúbín 10
rúbín 5

Rúbín as a foal

rúbín 4

Rúbín as a foal

rúbín 2

Rúbín as a foal

rúbín 3

Rúbín as a foal

rúbín 1

Rúbín as a foal


Sire of Rúbín, Segull


Fjóla, sister of Rúbin (same mum)

Rúbín frá Hvammi 2


Rúbin is after the 1.prize-stallion Segull frá Sörlatungu. His mother Freydís gave us many good riding horses. His siter Fjóla received 8.05 for conformation and is now one of our breeding mares (last picture).

Rúbin is a sensitive character and currently in the stable for training.  He is a very big (approx. 1,45m!!!) and shows nice moves.

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