Myrkvi frá Hvammi 2


Our Myrkvi knows all the basic agility exercises, is tölting very soft but still getting a handle on the speed. Very good trot with long strides and nice leg action.

We have few of Háski offsprings and all of them are turning out quite good, some as riding horses and some might for smaller competitions.

Myrkvi has been used on a few multi-day riding tours with a free running herd and did a great job. Easy character but he still needs an experienced rider to help him to tölt.

Good riding horse with a nice look!

Myrkvi has a very special color!! A smokey black ! He is also quite big (approx. 1,40m) with lots of mane.

(Last pictures is of his older sister with 8.05 for conformation)


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Hvammur 2, Vatnsdalur
541 Blönduós