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Víðidalstunga Round-Up

Join the farmers in this great autumn adventure. Ride along when they drive the herd, sort the horses and celebrate the successful return of horses and men. The varied terrain includes the highland moors, green valleys just turning into their autumn colours of burning red and yellow, deep blue lakes and rivers and Kolugljúfur gorge where a troll woman resided in the old days.

From Hvammur Farm in the North we follow good riding tracks until we meet the Icelanders who have been gathering horses already for some days. We join them and help driving the herd down to the Víðidalstungurétt corral. When this task has been fulfilled the locals celebrate the successful round-ups with a ball “réttardansleikur” and we are welcome to join in the fun. The next day the horses get sorted. Experience the excitement of horses and men when the horses and foals are selected from the herd and returned to their rightful owners.

A detailed tour description can be found here: Víðidalstungurétt

Two articles about this tour in 2019 were published by "Horses of Iceland": Horse round up and Lake Hóp


For more detailed information please contact us!

Duration: 4 riding days - 4 nights

Dates 2024: October 2-6

Difficulty: Advanced riders

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