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Trail of Hope

This tour is an ideal opportunity for everyone who wants to enjoy a comfortable ride in different types of landscape. We ride through unspoiled nature and get an excellent insight into Icelandic history when listening to stories from the Saga ages. Riding the horses on smooth sandy grounds is a joy for the rider and his mount. There is plenty of time to enjoy the unique gait “tölt” while exploring nature and the history of this outstanding area.

We start the ride at Hvammur Farm in Vatnsdalur valley. It is a thrilling experience riding in the water on our way across the lagoon called Lake Hóp. A visit to a seal colony on the North-Atlantic coast and the majestic Hvítserkur monolith is a wonderful thing to see.

A detailed tour description can be found here: Trail of Hope

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Duration: 4 riding days - 4 nights

Dates 2024:


June: 8 - 12 // 15 - 19 // 23-27

July: 30June - 4 //  29 - 2Aug

Aug: 25 - 29

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced riders

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