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The Northern Highlands Trail


This tour will have its premiere in 2023!

Enojy riding through the unspoiled and fascinating nature of the northern highlands. We start riding in our green valley, going up to the highlands on the second day. We will stay in a newly built mountain hut and explore the northern highlands from there, before we return to our valley. We follow ancient trails and have a free-running herd with us, so we can skip horses several times a day. We ride through the pastures where the young horses spend their summers. It is obvious why the icelandic horse is so sure-footed seeing where they grow up. We enjoy the peace in this unpoilt nature as well as some story telling.

Accomodation in shared rooms in our guesthouse and double rooms in the mountain hut Öndvegi. Please bring your own Sleeping bag!

A detailed tour description can be found here: Northern Highlands Trail

For more information please contact us!

Duration:  5  riding days - 4 nights


Dates 2024: July 7 - 11 & 23 - 27

Difficulty: Advanced riders

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